Regents Consider New Tenure Guideline

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Tenure track faculty at universities in the A&M system could soon be measured by an additional guideline. System officials will consider adding "patents or commercialization of research" to the tenure guideline criteria. The new guideline would mostly help faculty in sciences, engineering and business.

John Criscione, a tenure track professor in the college of engineering wants the guideline approved.

"By having that in there, I think it's saying we want to reward entrepreneurial type activity," said John Criscione, assistant professor, Texas A&M University.

Right now there are five guidelines to meet tenure: teaching effectiveness, scholarly or artistic endeavors, professional growth, public and university service and quality of patient care where applicable.

The new guideline would recognize tenure track professors, like Criscione, who commercialize products from their research.

"It'll give me credit for some of the time I've put into starting a company and making this product,"said Criscione.

Regent board member Wendy Gramm says not all professors will have to meet the guideline.

"It gives the university the ability to give some extra credit as it were for people who spend their time to their research something that is commercially viable," said Wendy Gramm, board of regents, Texas A&M University System.

Thursday one regent committee approved to take the guideline idea to entire board for approval. It will have to get a sign off from the rest of the board Friday to be put into place.