Thief Steals CD's, Stereo, and Tampons

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It's not your typical car break-in, however, Bryan police caught a burglar in the act, taking some pretty unusual items. Two Bryan police officers patrolling the area of Jaguar and Cobblestone on foot heard a car horn sound and car door slam shut just after three o'clock Thursday morning

Police say they found 19-year-old Danny Ray Sheppard running away from a Honda Civic had been burglarized.

They say he was carrying several items in his arms, including a car stereo with wires hanging from it, CD's, a day planner, walkman, and a box of tampons.

Sheppard told officers a friend gave him the items so he could sell them, and buy a gift for his girlfriend.

He was charged with burglary of a vehicle and failure to identify himself by providing false information.