Memorial Day Travel

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Memorial Day weekend and high gas prices is not a great mix. But are pump prices having any affect on holiday motorists?

Quentin Peterson and his wife beat the summer heat by taking their RV to a mild weather destination.

"We're headed to the mountains of Santa Fe New Mexico and we'll stay there for three months," Peterson said.

Despite high gas prices, the Peterson's will join an expected 37-million motorists on the roads this Memorial weekend. But these RV owners are taking steps to conserve.

"We generally go somewhere and then stop so you have to look at the total gas prices over three months," Peterson said.

A RV owner could pay up to 250-dollars per fill-up.

"It's been slowed down somewhat by the concern by the public of high gas prices, the stock market and money availability," Bill Barker with Country RV Center said.

The pain at the pump has lightened the "buying" traffic at the Country RV Center, but over at the Village 21 RV Park, they're keeping busy.

"It's strictly our economic growth that's powering it and people are continuing to work," Tom Morse with Village 21 said.

The construction boom is bringing in workers and many of them are living in RVs.

So, owners aren't parking their recreational vehicles in their driveways, they're just changing habits. Trips are generally shorter and vacation destinations are cheaper and closer to home.

"We think that we have five years. We don't know how long as you get older, so we're going to do what we can do when we can do it," Peterson said.

And even though the price of gas is nearly 80-cents a gallon higher than a year ago, Triple-A says the number of motorists on the road this weekend will surpass last years numbers.

Some good news out today for those ready to hit the road. Triple-A reports gas prices are dropped an average of six cents a gallon in Texas from last week.