ID Tags for Children

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A company has donated 65-hundred shoe tags to the Galveston school district in hopes that they will serve as identification in case families are separated by hurricanes.

Mary Lynn Fernau, the founder of Who's Shoes I-D, says children often carry no identification. This despite the fact that adults won't leave home without ID nor let their pets run free without some sort of identifying tag.

The Galveston Independent School District is distributing the tags to its elementary school students during end-of-the-year awards presentations. The tags attach by Velcro to a child's shoe and have a small form for parents to write contact information with a permanent marker.

Fernau's company is based in Pearland, about 30 miles inland from Galveston. She says the company decided to donate the identification kits to Galveston because it's, quote, "rather vulnerable."