Local Writes Children's Book About Enron

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With the collapse of Enron, the company's stock holders saw their hard earned money vanish. Most, like Brian Durbin originally from Bryan, sat puzzled wondering how something like this could happen.

"It tumbled and fell and we were right there with it and we tried to figure out how in the world did we miss this. She's a CPA I'm an engineer what did we do wrong here?" said Brian Durbin, author.

Durbin decided to make Enron's fall a learning experience, especially for the younger generation. He wrote a children's book call The Kingdom of Norne, which is Enron backwards. The Kingdom is run by King Yal, which is Lay backwards.

"He has some advisors that are these rats and well the rats do some things and it culminates with the collapse of the entire kingdom," said Durbin.

Durbin says he followed the trial as it was happening and the books goes right along with it.

"Everything that was brought up at the trial pretty much tracks with the book," said Durbin.

He wrote and illustrated the book, but he is an electrical engineer by trade, not an author or an artist. So he used his free time to write and sketch many of the pictures on the back of his business cards while traveling.

"I got to where I had a big stack of those and used Photoshop and could expand and manipulate them," he said.

While there are many books and even movies in the works about the collapse of Enron, Durbin says he hasn't heard of any like his, written especially for kids. But Durbin hopes parents and grandparents will also read the Kingdom of Norne to learn about one of the biggest corporate scams of our time.