Homicides in Bryan, Up From This Time Last Year

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The number of homicides in Bryan in 2006 so far, far exceeds the number from last year.

"At the pace we're at right now, we will exceed last year and last year was a sharp spike for us," said Assistant Chief Freddie Komar, Bryan Police Department.

Komar says compared to this time last year, the number of homicides in the city has doubled.

"Through May we had two last year. Through May (this year), and the month's not over, we've had four that we know of," said Komar.

Komar says while police can't pinpoint a reason for the increase, they can pinpoint a general area. All four of the murders this year, have happened west of Texas Avenue.

"We know a lot of the factors that contribute, but we don't have that magic answer," said Komar.

Jason Rodriguez owns an auto repair business in the area, just a few blocks away from where a fatal shooting occurred just after 2 o'clock Sunday morning. He says he's concerned that criminals are becoming more brazen, with crimes happening in broad daylight.

"During the day every now and then there's a robbery down there at the local store and I'm concerned about that because being that I'm a shop owner cash is always around," said Jason Rodriguez, Rodriguez Auto Repair.

Since all of the homicides have happened near his business, Rodriguez says he's started looking more carefully at the customers that come through the door.

"I kinda look at people as they come in to see if I recognize them or know them just for that reason because of the homicides behind the shop," said Rodriguez.

Homicides, once mainly a characteristic of big urban cities, are now growing in many small and mid-size cities, like Bryan. And if the pace holds steady, the city will end 2006 with a more than 30 percent increase from 2005.