Man Killed While Making Pipe Bomb

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Longview neighbors of James Charles Torrence say they didn't really know the man. One said she thought the police activity at Torrence's home was a raid on a meth lab.

Instead, officers and federal agents were investigating the death of the 38-year-old drug and firearms defendant in the explosion of a pipe bomb he'd made.

Fire officials say he'd planned to use the bomb against agents, and that Torrence was assembling it Monday when it went off in his Longview home.

Longview's assistant fire marshal, Brian Howell, says lists of federal agents were found in the house. Officials also found a machine gun and a pistol silencer.

Howell says neighboring homes were evacuated while another bomb was detonated in a nearby field.

US Attorney Matt Orwig says Torrence had agreed to plead guilty to being a firearms charge and a count of conspiracy to possess methamphetamine. He says Torrence was set to enter the pleas June
Seventh. The drug charge carried a sentence of ten years to life in