New Meeting on Creel Being Scheduled

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The scheduling process has begun after superintendent Jimmy Creel was placed on administrative leave Tuesday. College Station's school board is getting ready for another special meeting.

Wednesday, Board President Tim Jones said they were working on scheduling a second meeting to discuss Creel's status, and that it will almost surely happen before the next scheduled board meeting on June 20. Jones also said that more meetings could be called if the matter is not resolved in the second special session. He added that the meetings may or may not be in executive session like Tuesday night's.

In that meeting, Creel was placed on paid, temporary administrative leave following the board's approval of his job evaluation. Since the meeting was in executive session and concerned personnel matters, the context of the meeting could not be discussed.

However, after citing academic and athletics sucesses over his less-than-one-year tenure at CSISD, Creel did add, "There were a lot of things to learn. There were a lot of things to understand about the district that took time and continue to take time. Those kind of things sometimes cause priorities to be shifted from one place to another."

In response to a potentially-steep learning curve for Creel, Jones said that for superintendents across the nation, there isn't a set time for taking over the reigns of a school district. "I believe history will show superintendents start at various times," Jones said, adding that he didn't see how start dates -- during or before a school year -- would be a problem.

Former Superintendent Steve Johnson stayed on at CSISD until September 1, 2005, when Creel took over. It was the school board's desire, according to Jones, that Johnson stay on until Forest Ridge Elementary School opened. Johnson had been at the forefront in making the new school a reality, and Jones said he and the board wanted Johnson to be at the head of the district for its opening.

When a new meeting on Creel's job status is scheduled, 72 hours notice must be given by CSISD.