Homeland Security Awards Texas a Multi-Million Dollar Grant

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The Department of Homeland Security is awarding an $89.8 million-dollar grant to Texas. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced the grant Wednesday during a tour of the Texas Engineering Extension Service at Texas A&M University.

Hutchison says the funds will provide additional tools, equipment and training to Texas emergency first-responders.

"It is the general FEMA money for disaster preparedness that FEMA has been working to put out to make sure as hurricane season come upon us, that we are ready," Hutchison said.

The funding aims to bolster the nation's ability to prevent, respond to, and recover from terrorist attacks and major disasters.

Governor Rick Perry was not entirely happy with the funding.

In a statement released Wednesday, the governor says the grant is $39 million less than the state received last year.

He said he is dismayed that Texas, which shares a border with Mexico, would see such a decrease.