FSIS Outreach Program

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The Food Safety and Inspection Service made a big announcement in College Station Wednesday. The service, along with the USDA and other partners, has launched a outreach program to assist small meat and poultry plants.

Plans include providing technical resources, educational training, and other activities to make sure the plants are in compliance and to help reduce food- borne illness.

Organizers say this is a groundbreaking and innovative program to assist small and very small meat and poultry plants produce the safest product possible in the 21st Century.

Through a national series of listening and outreach sessions, the Food Safety and Inspection Service has identified what small and very small establishments need in order to fully benefit from the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system (HACCP), which is responsible for dramatic reductions in food-borne illness since its introduction. About 90 percent of the 6,000 federally inspected plants are small or very small.