Bryan Family Pleads for Daughter's Return

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Bryan Police are continuing their search for Jennifer Austin. The 29-year-old's family is continuing their search for the answer to one simple question: why?

Daughters Beth and Libby have always been the apples of Austin's eye.

"She would never leave the girls," said her mother, Alex. "The girls were her life. You just have to look at those two. There's just no way."

No way this Aggie grad, this Army brat would ever run off and not run back.

"She was a great worker, a good, family-oriented woman," said her brother, Bobby. "I don't know, it's just weird."

All seemed normal Monday, May 22. Jenny had gone to work at Walgreens. She had talked with her mother. Her apples had been in her eye. And then, something happened.

"Tuesday, when I came home, I found an envelope in the mail that said she had to go," said Jenny's father, Robert.

The note said her apartment had been emptied, her belongings in storage. Her boyfriend, 30-year-old Nathan Reyes, and Jenny, had to go, she wrote. Don't look for me. She expressed her love for her family, for her children. Robert says the signature she scribbled on the side of the note looks sloppy. For someone's who's signatures were uniform, this one was inconsistent, just like the behavior of woman who couldn't go nine hours without checking in, much less nine days.

"As far as family goes, it's the most important thing in life," Robert said. "She's really lived by it, up to now."

"The not knowing is the worst," said Alex. "I don't wish that on anybody. We just want to hear from her. Somebody had to have seen her. You don't just disappear."

Jennifer Austin stands 5'2", weighs around 120 pounds, has blonde hair, blue eyes, and multiple tattoos on her neck, calves and chest. She drives a 1997 green Ford station wagon, and may be with Nathan Reyes, her boyfriend of about two months.

Call Bryan Police if you have any information on her whereabouts.