Houston Approves Red-Light Cameras

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Houston police have a new tool to discourage reckless driving with the City Council's approval of a plan to place cameras at intersections.

The council gave final approval to the plan yesterday.

A contractor will begin installing the cameras within 45 days at ten city intersections.

The city will also spend a month educating the public about the plan, including an announcement of the cameras' locations.

Houston joins several other Texas cities to use the cameras as a tool to decrease red-light running and side-impact accidents. Other cities with the cameras include El Paso, Plano, Richardson and Garland.

The cameras take photos of the license plates of offending vehicles, which enables police to send citations to the vehicles' registered owners.

Opponents of the cameras argue that cities use them to raise revenue through tickets. They also say the cameras increase rear-end collisions and encroach on motorists' privacy rights.