More Good News on Gas Prices

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Texas retail gasoline prices are down for a second straight week.

The weekly Triple-A Texas gas price survey released today shows regular, self-serve gasoline averaging two dollars 76 cents per gallon at pumps around the state. That's four cents less than last week.

The national average is two dollars 85 cents per gallon -- down about a penny from last week.

But auto club spokeswoman Rose Rougeau says price decreases "may be few and far between" with the beginning of the
summer driving season. She says the market remains concerned about
the threat of the Atlantic hurricane season to Gulf Coast refineries.

The survey found the costliest gas in the Houston area, where it averaged two dollars 86 cents per gallon. That's down three cents from last week. The cheapest gas was found in Corpus Christi, where the average price was two dollars 54 cents per gallon -- down three
cents from last week.

Here are average prices of regular, self-serve gasoline in Texas metro areas and the price trend from last week, according to the Triple-A Texas gas price survey released today:

Austin-San Marcos -- $2.698, down 3.1 cents
Beaumont -- $2.695, down 1.7 cents
Corpus Christi -- $2.537, down 2.7 cents
Dallas -- $2.812, down 4.8 cents
Fort Worth -- $2.794, down 6.1 cents
Galveston-Texas City -- $2.860, down 4.8 cents
Houston -- $2.861, down 3.2 cents
San Antonio -- $2.667, down 2.5 cents