Shelter Employees Don't Regret Public Statement

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Employees at Brazos County's Animal Shelter speak out again. After they publicly voiced their complaints about the shelter's board of directors, they found out about a meeting held without their knowledge. And the news is only fueling the fire.

"The employees of the Brazos Animal Shelter are taking a stand against our board of directors, we are concerned about the future of the animal shelter," Paul O'Neill a Brazos Animal Shelter employee said Thursday.

Thursday shelter employees voiced their concern about the board behind their organization.

"We have been quiet for too long in fear of losing our jobs," O'Neill said.

The statements were made only hours after Brazos County Judge Randy Sims says he met with a group of county residents interested in raising funds for the shelter, and becoming an expanded board of directors. He didn't say whether or not the shelter was notified about the meeting.

"We work through the executive director over there when we have meetings," Brazos County Judge Randy Sims said. "She's there and she provides us with information about what's going on at the shelter."

Shelter employees say otherwise.

"We have not been invited to the meetings, we have not heard the results of the meetings and obviously we want a shelter that will represent us not just the city officials looking for their bottom line," O'Neill said.

"I think it would be great if the executive director and some of the management were involved in discussions that the board has but if they had meetings I'm not aware of them," Executive Director Kelly Durham said.

Durham says adding citizens to the board would be beneficial.

"In a normal situation you would have a board that would do fundraisers, have committees, and be involved in the organization itself," Durham said.

Shelter employees say they need more space and the ability to raise funds.

"We would love to have a new shelter, house more animals, provide more services, and we have run into a brick wall and we are doing all we can with what we have," O'Neill said.

Judge Sims says the board has never prevented the shelter from raising funds.

Employees say they don't regret making their concerns public Thursday. As for the the meeting held by Judge Sims, no one at the shelter has been officially notified that it took place.

Animal shelter employees say they want a new board. If not, they don't know if they'll be able to function.

College Station City Manager Glenn Brown was not available for comment.

Bryan Interim City Manager Keen Register said he had no information to offer.
Brown and Register are the other two board directors.