Family Prepares For New Habitat Home

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Beginning Saturday, Habitat for Humanity is having a home builders blitz. The organization will work with home builders try to build 400 homes in seven days across the country, 10 of those homes will be built in Bryan.

The project is a dream come true for the Gomez family.

"It's really is going to help us a lot," said Alma Gomez, Habitat recipient.

Gomez says her family has never owned a home and this is a special time for them.

"I never had a house before so that's why I'm so happy getting a house," said Gomez.

Right now there home is just a slab, but construction crews are working fast and by Friday their new home will be complete. Alma's dream of one day having her own room will be a reality.

"I share a room with my brother and I'm happy that I can put any decorations I want and have my own room," said Gomez.

Monica Tijerina with Habitat says the Gomez family has been on the constructions site constantly, working to help get their house built and their work isn't over yet.

"They're going to be out here next week as much as they can taking water and lunches to the workers that will be working on their house. They'll also come in after they build to help clean up around the area," said Monica Tijerina, Habitat for Humanity.

The saying there's a first time for everything really applies to the habitat housing blitz. It's the first Habitat for Humanity homes will be built in Angel's Gate a new subdivision. It's the first time this many home builders are coming together for a Habitat for Humanity project and it's the first time the Gomez family will have a home to call their own.