Suspect Arrested For Murder In Leon County

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50-year old Joseph Clampitte was already dead when Leon County authorities arrived at his home Saturday afternoon.

"One of my officers arrived on the scene he found the victim, lying in his backyard, had been shot multiple times," said Sheriff Mike Price, Leon County.

Clampitte had been shot five times to be exact, but Leon County Sheriff Mike Price says they found a lot more that five bullet casings at the scene.

"We found 15 spent 9-millimeter cartridges at the scene, we also found a couple 45-caliber cartridges," said Price.

Price says the call came in around 12:30 Saturday afternoon from Daniel Tolopka. Tolopka claimed he heard gunshots coming from his neighbor's house on County Road 456 off of OSR just north of Normangee. It was Tolopka that was later arrested for the crime.

"He was a discharged army vet, he appeared to be an animal lover. He's a very quiet gentleman. I don't think we've had any calls in his neighborhood involving him," said Price.

Price says he's not ready to reveal a possible motive, but authorities did find weapons in Tolopka's home they believe could've been used to murder Clampitte.

"We've recovered three weapons that could possibly be linked to this situation," said Price.

Tolopka has been charged with murder, but was released from the Leon County Jail on $250,000 bond. Clampitte's body was sent to Dallas for an autopsy and preliminary results revealed it was a shot to the head that was fatal.