Study Shows Yoga Helps Breast Cancer Patients

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Women going through treatment for breast cancer felt better when they tried yoga. That's according to one of the first scientific studies of its

Researchers at the University of Texas M-D Anderson Cancer Center focused on 61 women who underwent surgery for breast cancer -- most also had received chemotherapy.

All of the women were going through six weeks of radiation treatment.

The researchers randomly assigned 30 women to a test group that took twice-a-week yoga classes and 31 to a group that did not.

At the end of six weeks, study participants filled out detailed questionnaires.

Participants were asked to grade their ability to lifts groceries, walk a mile and perform other physical activities.

They also were asked about sleeplessness, feelings of fatigue, their sense of well-being and other aspects of their quality of life.

The researchers found the yoga group consistently had higher scores in almost every area. It was most pronounced in physical function -- the yoga group had a mean score of about 82, compared with 69 for the other group.