Local Habitat Top Ranked

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There's housing marathon going on in Bryan this week. Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity is participating a national Home Builders Blitz.

Having laid a decade and a half of groundwork, the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate has built a strong national ranking.

"The last survey that Habitat international took we were number 35 across the nation," said Mike Sutton with Habitat for Humanity.

In Texas Bryan/College Station is ranked number five, ahead of larger cities like Austin.

"For a city this size we should build two to three homes a year. We're able to build 18 to 20, it just says so much about our community," said Sutton.

Here are some more numbers to consider: eight builders have come together to build 10 homes in five days. By the time they are finished with the blitz, our local affiliate will have built more than two percent of the new Habitat homes in the county.

"We've done some blitzs back in the 90's with a few homes, but this is definitely the largest thing we've tried to pull off," said Sutton.

The pressure is on for the builders.

"We're not used to building a house in five days, but we know what we're doing, so it's pressure but it's also fun," said Jay Skrivanek, Skrivanek Home Building.

Skrivanek says on most days the local builders are in competition, but this week is different.

"This week we're all coming together and we're going to make it happen," said Skrivanek.

After less than a day of work, many of the houses were already getting a roof, which is a good thing because Habitat plans to dedicate all the homes to their new owners on Friday.