Dead New Caney Man Mistakenly IDed

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A New Caney man who was run over and killed isn't the person authorities or his family initially thought.

The accident happened just after midnight Monday. A man lying next to his bicycle on FM 1485 was hit by a driver. The family of Billy Knox, 29, was called by a bystander who believed the body was Knox's. The family arrived on scene and positively identified the body as Knox's.

But a few hours later, as the family was in the midst of making funeral arrangements, Knox showed up at his grieving family's home.

It turns out the body was that of Ronnie Franklin, 45, also of New Caney.

According to Justice of the Peace James Metts, calls were immediately made to the forensics center where Franklin's body was at, and recalled that he had a wallet on him. Metts says when the family of Knox positively identified the body, authorities on the scene did not want to disturb the body in their presence. The forensics center confirmed the identity of the body as Franklin, though Metts says Franklin did have aliases.

An autopsy is being conducted to determine cause of death. It is not yet known why the body was in the middle of the road, or what Franklin's condition was prior to the witness seeing his body hit.

Authorities say even though the body was not disfigured to the point that it was unidentifiable, they say Knox and Franklin looked a lot alike.