Influential A&M Professor Moves On

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From a handful of students in a classroom at Texas A&M, to a crowd of thousands at venues around the world, A&M professor and Christian and motivational speaker Dr. Rick Rigsby has brought lessons and inspiration to people from all walks of life.

"For the last 15 years I've combined teaching at A&M and going all throughout the country speaking," said Dr. Rick Rigsby, Rick Rigsby Ministries.

Rigsby holds two faculty appointments at A&M, one in the department of communications and one in the College of Business. The two time winner of A&M's distinguished teaching award also serves as chaplain for the Aggie football team. But this California native never imagined College Station would be his home.

"A dear friend at A&M said would you consider College Station, Texas and I said absolutely not," said Rigsby.

But in just one visit, Rigsby fell in love. After serving the University for more than a decade, Rigsby is embarking on a new venture in life.

"The move to Dallas represents speaking more, writing more and really focusing all of our collective energy on one endeavor," said Rigsby.

Rigsby has more 200 speaking engagements booked for the next year throughout the world. While his engagements take him far from the Brazos Valley, Rigsby will continue serving the Aggie football team as co-chaplain.

"I'll try to come down and do a couple of the games and keep those relationships with the players; that's very important to me," he said.

Although College Station will no longer be his place of residence, he says it will always be his home.