Food Bank Hopes to Peak With "Valley"

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It's a new name, but the same commitment from one of the region's biggest charitable organizations.

As part of its open house Monday afternoon, the Brazos Food Bank added "Valley" to its name, and unveiled a new logo and slogan: Fostering Partnerships, Feeding Hope.

The staff is in the midst of a five-year plan to increase its reach to the community, and decided that the new name and look would emphasize the fact that it serves the region.

"We do a lot of great work in Brazos County, but we serve other counties," said Theresa Mangapora, the executive director of the food bank. "We need to be doing more in our rural counties, and we're hearing that from the people out there, and we know that from the need. We've got a great representation on our board from some of those folks."

Though the announcement wasn't intentionally planned for this week, it's appropriate that this is National Hunger Awareness Week.