Bogus Bills

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The US Secret Service has seized 83-hundred bogus one (M) million-dollar bills printed as religious tracts by a Denton-based evangelical ministry.

Agents say the handbills too closely resemble real money. But the head of the ministry says he'll keep handing out the bills until the government orders him to stop.

Agents seized the bills from the Great News Network ministry headquarters Friday after someone allegedly brought one to a bank on the East Coast. Agents traced the bill to Denton.

Ministry founder Darrel Rundus says he doesn't understand how he can be accused of counterfeiting a bill that doesn't exist. The highest denomination of US currency is the 100-thousand-dollar bill.

Rundus suggests the government is targeting the group because they're spreading a religious message.

Federal law says bill facsimiles for novelty or advertising purposes must be at least 50 percent larger or 25 percent smaller than actual size. They also can't contain anything resembling government seals.