AG Sues Pet Shop Owner over Dying Puppies

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The state attorney general's office has filed suit against a McAllen pet shop and its owner, accusing them of selling dozens of dying puppies to customers.

According to Attorney General Greg Abbott's office, about 20 people complained that within days of buying puppies at Jesse's Pet Shop, the animals became seriously ill. Several died from canine parvovirus and other illness.

According to Abbott's office, Jesus Vazquez and his employees told customers the puppies were healthy and up to date on their vaccinations. But Abbott's office says that most of the animals cited in customer complaints "died agonizing deaths or had to be euthanized within days."

Abbott says that "using a family's love for a new pet as a ploy to defraud consumers is reprehensible."

Vazquez didn't immediately return a telephone message left at the store. An employee said Vazquez was out of town.