WHALE Program

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There's a new car accessory parents will want to have. The College Station Medical Center is starting the WHALE program, which stands for we have a little emergency.

It's meant to help EMS and children during an accident in the event that their parents can't communicate. A card containing the child's medical information is placed on the car seat.

You fill out the card and put emergency information and basic medical information on the child, known allergies, thinks like that. There's also a place to put a picture if you'd. The card goes in a holder that sticks on to the back of the car seat," said Rick Moore, the Trauma Coordinator with the College Station Medical Center.

"It adds piece of mind for me to know that our family can be contacted in case of an emergency," said parent Ashley Johse.

The WHALE kit is free. For more information, call Rick Moore at 680-5314. Moore can also show you how to properly install a child safety seat.