Police Investigating Robbery/Burglaries

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College Station police are looking for a suspected shoplifter who allegedly injured two people while trying to make a getaway.

The incident happened Wednesday night at Target in College Station. Police say a loss prevention agent tried to stop a man who was shoplifting when the man ran away, injuring a customer and the agent. Both are ok.

The suspect is described as a black male, 5'10'', 185 lbs. He was last seen wearing a red jersey type shirt and black shorts.

If you have any information, call College Station Police at 764-3600.

College Station Police have seen an increase in the number of building burglaries. Around this time last year only 19 were reported, but that number is already at 81 this year. That's an over 300 percent increase.

But the good news is often times police arrive before anything is taken or damaged. Police remind business owners to be diligent about keeping their security systems intact.