Witnesses Announced for Davis-Phelps Inquiry

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Nearly 30 local witnesses will be called to testify in the investigation of a Brazos County assistant district attorney. Among those on the subpoena list for next month's court of inquiry: former grand jurors, courthouse employees and members of the media.

The list of witnesses filed Thursday include District Court Judge Rick Davis, who called for the court of inquiry, as well as Shane Phelps, the assistant DA in question.

Brazos County District Attorney Bill Turner and assistant DA's John Brick and Brian Baker will also be served subpoenas.

Former grand jury foreperson Amanda Short, attorney Patrick Meece, Galleria Village manager Jim Lewis and advertising agency owner Drew Matthews are also on the list.

Subpoenas will also be served on members of the grand jury at the center of the controversy, three former grand jury commissioners and three members of the local media, including News 3's Steve Fullhart.

The court of inquiry was ordered after Davis levelled several allegations against Phelps including obstruction of justice and official oppression. The accusations center around Phelps' involvement with a former grand jury that was investigating Turner.

Phelps denies the allegations.