Bryan's Broncos Reunite for 50th

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Fifty years ago, high schoolers in Bryan attended Stephen F. Austin High. Now, SFA is a middle school, and the former students are little more than middle-aged.

A special reunion of a herd of Broncos is allowing for a remembrance of those times.

SFA still looks like an "M." It's aged a little bit since 1956. So have it's graduates.

"A lot of times, you recognize their smile or how they pronounce things or their voice, and eventually you know them all over again," said Terry Rosser, one of the alums from '56.

"Some live way out of state," said fellow classmate Frank Seale, who hosted the reunion at his home in Millican. "Some live across the state. Some live down the road and we still haven't crossed paths."

But they are this weekend, dozens of grads remembering the few years of high school, recalling the many years since. Before the Vikings roamed, the Broncos of SFA were the high schoolers of record in Bryan, in what these alum believe was a much simpler era.

"We walked places," remembered Rosser. "We didn't lock our doors. Our young women rode bicycles down downtown Bryan and went to the movies. It was a very pleasant time."

But school meant something special, which something many of them don't necessarily think prevails in this era, with dropouts up and grades down.

"You can't flip burgers all your life," Seale said. "An education is important, and I wish that more of our young people realized that."

"We wrote a little poem: Does it seem like 50 years since you were 17 years of age and walked across the stage? And it doesn't seem like it's been 50 years, no," Rosser said.

"I know it's already making me feel young again," Seale said. "I hope they take that with them. If they drink from these cups tonight, maybe it'll be like the fountain of youth."