Rape Crisis Center Fundraiser Grows

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For the Brazos Valley Rape Crisis Center, this is the most important play off game of the summer. It's called the Cross Town Lock Down and it's the biggest annual fundraiser for the Rape Crisis center.

"One in three women and one in six males will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. So it is something that affects a huge majority of our community and by people coming out and supporting us and helping us raise awareness we can all do our part in stopping that cycle of violence," said Laury Kasowski, Brazos Valley Rape Crisis Center.

Since the annual event was started, local law enforcement agencies have gone toe to toe on the softball field. But this year, the event had civilian teams too.

"When we were posting flyers we had lots of businesses go, we would love to have a team and help play. So we went and opened it this year and that's what we hope to do to continue to grow every year," said Kasowski.

The momentum was high all day as teams played, trying to advance to the next round. But win or lose, all of the players kept the spirit going.

"It's a great game for a good cause and I think it's been good competition throughout all the games," said Chief Michael Clancey, College Station Police Department.

"Getting guys out of the office and over here, just kind of playing and cheering for each other. We've had a great time. We're tired, there's been a lot of hugs and high fives and we look forward to this every year," said Ben Smith, Bryan Police Department.

The Rape Crisis Center offers a variety of services like a 24-hour hotline and victim counseling. But the agency an relies heavily on government funding and says additional fund raisers like the Cross Town Lock Down are vital.