Local Soldier Returns Home From Afghanistan

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Football season isn't here yet, but for this Aggie family homecoming is now. Colonel Michael Wilson has been serving our nation in Afghanistan for almost a year. Sunday he returned home to College Station, with friends and family on standby anxiously awaiting his arrival.

"It's very humbling that I'd have a turnout like this for doing what I think is really my duty," said Colonel Michael Wilson, United States Air Force.

Wilson says while on his mission his team received lots of letters of support, but it was the thoughts of home that kept him going.

"I've been dreaming about sitting on my porch drinking some coffee early in the morning watching the humming birds. So that's what kept me going day after day after day," said Wilson.

The entire event was a surprise. Wilson was told he would be going to another Air Force base in Oklahoma, but instead he was sent home College Station.

"I am happy to have him home, it's been seven months but at least it's not three years so I'm really just excited," said Michael Wilson, son.

"This is the best news report that we could get today. That is that he's got home safe and sound and we are so proud of him," said Mary Jo Prince, family friend.

"It's been such a long time coming and I am so excited so glad to have my daddy back," said Erin Wilson, daughter.

The Wilson family says they never lost faith that their loved one would return home safely. His daughter Erin even delayed her graduation from college just so her father could see her walk across the stage.

"They needed to be there, both of them, since they were able to put me through and help make my life that much more wonderful. So I decided not to graduate until August instead of graduating in May," she said.

The family spent the Sunday afternoon celebrating Colonel Wilson's return, but the fun is just beginning. Next on the agenda is a family trip to Disney World.