Plan to Limit Chain Restaurants on River Walk Stalls

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A proposal by the San Antonio mayor to limit the number of chain restaurants on the River Walk has run into opposition. Some business owners say the proposed ordinance is unfair.

Mayor Phil Hardberger introduced the ordinance earlier this spring as a way to preserve the local character of the tourist destination.

It was pulled from the Zoning Commission's agenda last week to get more feedback from the public. Officials say it could come up again later this summer.

The proposal would prohibit chain restaurants from opening on the River Walk, although they would be allowed to replace other chains that go out of business.

Currently about one-third of the river's eateries are chain restaurants.

Some business owners and tourism groups say restricting chain restaurants could hurt other River Walk businesses. They also say it unfairly targets only restaurants -- and not bars, clubs, hotels or restaurants in hotels.

Hardberger says he still supports the ordinance and believes the city will pass it.