Bryan Police Crack Down on Illegal Drug Trafficking

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Bryan Police are cracking down on illegal drug trafficking. The department's Directed Deployment Team arrested more than two dozen suspected drug dealers and issued warrants for another 20.

Bryan neighborhoods have had enough.

"It is a great problem, it is, and youth just do not need to be exposed to that so early, they really don't," Shirley Chambers with North Bryan's Community Center said.

Shirley Chambers sees the problem firsthand. As a mentor to students at North Bryan's Community Center, she knows they come face to face with illegal drugs.

"It's probably the root of all the violent crime, the decay of the neighborhoods, so on our scale it's pretty bad because it leads to all that," Sgt. Shane Bush with the Bryan Police Department said.

About a month ago, e-mails and calls started flowing into Bryan P.D., all from residents saying they were tired of the crime.

When neighbors complained, Bryan police listened. Members of DDT hit the streets. They went undercover and bought illegal drugs from street traffickers. The result of the lengthy investigation was a long list of arrests.

Thirty one people have been arrested through "Operation Top Hat," and 20 other warrants have been issued. Bryan police say this will be their biggest undercover operation. They expect to arrest 50 people having about 80 different charges.

"We put them on foot, we put them on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and they walked into clubs and bought street level narcotics," Bush said.

The operation went on during the day and at night in all areas of Bryan. Many people were arrested in "drug free zones," across from schools and parks.

These arrests infuriate Chambers.

"If you commit a crime, you serve the time. I mean, you know you’re doing wrong, you know it's illegal, then you have to do what you have to do and they have to do what they have to do; that's their job," Chambers said.

And the undercover work seems to be working. In some neighborhoods the undercover officers were told to get out, another sign Bryan is tired of crime.

Most of those arrested could face state jail time. If arrested in a "drug free zone," the charge goes up and jail sentences must be served consecutively.