Anderson-Shiro Baseball Takes it All

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The Anderson-Shiro Owls are celebrating victory. The 1A baseball team was determined to win the state championship in Round Rock, and they did.

"I am so ecstatic, they are the greatest team ever," said Morgan Rogers, mascot Hootie.

"As you drive through all those little towns, just think of every little town you drive through and here we are number one in the state," said Tammy Raybun, a parent.

Raybun's son Landon is the only freshman on the championship team. She says as the team got closer and closer to the finals the tension began to build.

"From a parent’s point of view, it was probably stressful a lot of planning, a lot of worrying that we might not make it," said Raybun.

The Owls opened the state tournament at Dell Diamond against the fifth-ranked and reigning state champion Thorndale Bulldogs, but for the Owls, losing wasn't an option. They advanced to the final round against Union Hill for a nail biter of game that lasted 10 innings.

"Everyone was on the edge of their seats, every moment was exciting. It was like it would never end," said Rogers.

"There was many times during the game where I honestly thought I was going to get sick from worrying," said Raybun.

"Sitting on the edge of your seat is an understatement. I mean, people couldn't sit down," said Brandon Core, the principal.

This was the first time the Owls made it to the state championship, so naturally it was their first win. And speaking of firsts, their new principal's first day on the job was the first day of the playoffs.

"My first day on the job Thursday we were actually following the team to Round Rock, so I spent my first three days as principal of the school at Dell Diamond with our team," said Core.

Anderson-Shiro didn't have a baseball team until the mid 80's, and after 20-plus years of building a baseball program the hard work has paid off.