Madisonville Discusses Zoning

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Officials in Madisonville want to designate what can go where in the city. The city council is considering a zoning plan.

City manager Tom Ginter, a task force made up of residents, and a consulting firm are developing a zoning ordinance for Madisonville. The city wants to designate property for residential, commercial and industrial use.

"It's really a thing of looking down the road and where do we want to see Madisonville. We'd like to be able to plan the community to where it's good for the citizens that live here but also good for the people that want to conduct business here," said Ginter.

"It helps prevent incompatible land uses, said Lance Simms with College Station planning and zoning,

Simms says a zoning ordinance can benefit a city, big or small.

"We've had a zoning ordinance on the books since 1940. We've used it to actually pre-plan the city by land zoning districts," said Simms.

College Station city officials say zoning helped develop and shape the city into what it is today.

College Station has a lot of land to work with. The city is 47 square miles with a population of over 82,000. Compared to Madisonville which is 4.1 square miles with a population of a little over 4,000.

"I know it's small but we'd like to see what is unique for us so it's not going to be a cookie cutter kind of ordinance," said Ginter.

Zoning ordinances sometimes face opposition from land owners who don't want restrictions on the use of their property. Ginter says he wants the public's input on the matter before decisions are made.

The council could see the first proposed zoning recommendations by October.