Charter School Parent Speaks Out

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Only days after the superintendent of the Brazos School for Inquiry and Creativity temporarily stepped down, a frustrated parent comes forward.

"Everyday, everyday we worry because if the Brazos School does not open I don't know where I would put my son," Jan Vandivort said.

Jan Vandivort turned to the Brazos School for Inquiry and Creativity because it had a small teacher-student ratio for her special needs son.

"It just has flourished our son to where wow I mean he's doing great," Vandivort said.

But the school that answered Vandivort's prayers is at the center of a Texas Education Agency investigation.

At a recent meeting, parents and faculty were shown the results of the TEA's audit, questioning nearly $300 thousand worth of expenditures, TEA says was misused.

"Your heart just falls, you fell like my son being in FFA, horticulture, learning disabilities with the bi-polar he gets triple money for that school and to find out that money is not servicing him the way it's supposed to is devastating," Vandivort said.

The report also showed, the school's two top administrators -superintendent Robert Slater, and board president Thomas Reynolds - were overpaid more than a quarter million dollars over two years.

This was Slater addressing the audit Friday.

"All compensation paid to me was earned, was documented and authorized and we were going to pay back those questionable expenses that we said we would in the response so I don't really have anything more to say about that," Slater said.

Slater temporarily suspended himself until the school board has time to meet and discuss the issues.

Vandivort, meanwhile, hopes the temporary suspension will turn into a permanent one.

"If Dr. Slater is put in charge again we're going to go through the same thing the last two years wondering where is the money, why is there no money for microscopes, why, can't the teachers take a field trip? You know why can't they pay for lunch that's a worry," Vandivort said.

Dr. Slater says everyone is working hard to resolve the issues. According to current employees the board will meet on June 21st.