Dead Bat Found in College Station Is Tested for Rabies

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A scary situation at a College Station pool, when two children came in contact with a dead bat. College Station police say the bat was found Tuesday morning in the Thomas Park Pool. A child who was attending the C.S.I.S.D Summer Day-Camp Program, retrieved the bat from the deep end of the pool.

The bat was removed from the pool before it opened to the public. The bat was later turned over to Animal Control Officers.

Two children had touched the bat and their parents have been notified. College Station Parks Department personnel with officials from the College Station School District’s Summer Day-Camp program attempted to notify the parents of all of the children who were at the pool.

Dr. Beverlee Nix, with the Department of State Health Services in Temple, Texas advised that children who had not come into direct contact with the bat were at no risk of contracting rabies, and that there was no need to close the pool.

The bat is being tested for rabies in Austin.