Army Post Put on Notice

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Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio has received 13-hundred utility service termination notices for delinquent bill payments. Post officials blame the late payments on a $26 (M) million dollar budget shortfall this year.

CPS Energy warned commanders at the post to pay four-pont-two (M) million dollars or risk losing power. The post is three months behind on its bills, but both Army and utility officials say the two parties are talking and no cutoff is imminent.

The post is awaiting supplemental funding from the Army Installation Management Agency. Congress this week has been considering a supplemental appropriations bill to fund the military and hurricane relief.

In the meantime, officials from CPS Energy say they'll work with the post to resolve the outstanding debt. Customer services director Sylvia Arnold says the post as important to the utility and the community, and that it's not a high risk for nonpayment.