Barron Road Projects

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The future of Barron Road was the topic on everyone's tongue at a meeting in College Station. There were a variety of opinions and questions ranging from "why now?" to "why not sooner?"

Big changes are in store for Barron Road. It's getting an overpass at Highway 6 from The Texas Department of Transportation and it's getting some extra lanes from the city of College Station.

Although construction won't begin until 2009, both entities wanted to give residents a chance to weigh in at an informational meeting at Living Hope Baptist Church on Thursday.

" Overall I'm looking forward to the road widening as long as it has minimal disruption to the community," said Mike Jackson.

Jackson lives in the Shenandoah subdivision along Barron Road. And while he's glad about the widening, some of his neighbors are worried about loosing part of their property.

However opposition to the overpass is harder to find. In fact the biggest complaint seems to center on why it can't be done quicker.

" The response from residents has been mostly why can't it be built now or sooner than we're planning it," Bob Appleton with TX-DOT.

Appleton says the overpass will make turn arounds more convenient now that frontage roads are one way.

" It will also provide for opportunities for continued growth in the city of College Station because they can now extend Barron Road to the East," said Appleton.

Another concern residents brought up was the intersection where the new Highway 40 meets Barron Road.

" Right now it's just stop signs and you've got cross traffic coming at 70 miles per hour," said Jackson.

TX-DOT and city officials don't anticipate a safety problem with the intersection but say they'll monitor it once Highway 40 opens.

Meanwhile residents say they'll put up with the growing pains to reach better roads ahead.

The estimated cost for the widening project is $7 million and $8 million for the overpass.