Beware of Attacking Squirrel

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Squirrels--their furry, fuzzy, and eat nuts. They've starred in cartoons and maybe you've even had one as a pet. But there's one unique squirrel that's attracting attention at Texas A&M, and it's making sure everyone knows it's the ruler of it's domain.

Sprawled out and hardly moving, you may think this squirrel is not a real squirrel at all.

But when you take a closer look, the squirrel is all squirrel and the furry creature has a personality unlike any other.

If these birds could talk, they would attest the sign behind the animal tells the story. Beware of attacking squirrel.

"He sits there and just looks at people, walks on by and you say howdy what's up I don't know he's chilling," Tony Devine said.

For five years Texas A&M's student counseling service has attracted and fallen hard for this squirrel.

"One of them came onto the window and just kind of stood up on it's hind legs and looked at the window at me," Amy Rucker with Texas A&M's Student Counseling Center said. "I happened to have some pecans in my office so I cracked them for her and ever since then they've come back."

But, who could stay away? Diving head first into free food, this creature, puts aside its crazy attacking antics to let the birds inch closer and closer. Maybe it's a compulsive eater or maybe this squirrel has a softer side?

"We've never had one of them who has actually attacked, but as I said we get a kick out of them," Rucker said.

"It's kind of an odd behavior but then again this a psych office, so maybe he needs therapy so who, he seems to be chilling, enjoying it," Devine said.

It may be called Prozac by some students for the squirrels lethargic state, but don't be fooled because our camera may have kept the squirrel calm for a little while, when we walked away, the birds were booted out.

Maybe this squirrel is in need of a little anger management counseling or it just likes the free food and free shade but either way Reveille watch out, because this squirrel is grabbing a lot of attention.

The squirrel has had such an impact on the student counseling service they've even named their softball team after them, "The Fighting Squirrels."