Aggies Blast Texas Tech Jabs at A&M Traditions

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It is no secret that Texas A&M University has a lot of tradition, especially when it comes to its football team.

But this week's opponent, Texas Tech, had a few choice words about the Aggie traditions and that has a lot of Aggies red as a Red Raider.

When it comes to college football each and every school has their own tradition and Texas A&M is no exception. As 7th ranked Texas Tech prepares to play the Aggies on Saturday, the Red Raiders have decided to take a couple of shots at one of Texas A&M University's biggest traditions, the Corps of Cadets.

"When they come marching in before the games, the ROTC, or I'm not even sure what it is, the fake army maybe," Eric Morris, a Texas Tech Receiver said. "I don't know if that's a good thing to say but there is a lot of them marching around the field and all kinds of chants and I really don't know what it means."

"I don't have anything to say about the Corp because my brother in law was in it and he wore a kilt to my sister's wedding so that's all I have to say," Stephen Hamby, a Texas Tech Receiver says. "They're just a different breed down there and I'm not too enthusiastic about their whole thing they got going."

We had a few students and members of the Corps take a look at what the Red Raiders had to say and they weren't too happy with the lack of respect and sportsmanship shown by the neighbors to the North.

"I feel like they don't have much respect for the Aggies," one Texas A&M student said. "I know we're having a down year this year but I just don't think that's very respectful."

"I don't think they should make fun of the tradition," another student says. "It's been around a long time and it's part of the school history."

"You've got to have some kind of respect for the corps, it doesn't matter who you are," one student said. "That's all I've got to say is that's disrespectful."

"Tech isn't known for their camaraderie or being civil, from stories I've heard," one Aggie said. "I believe they're just taking jabs at whatever they can get at. I'm just ready to beat the hell out of Tech!"

Kickoff is set for 11:00 a.m., Saturday.

The Aggies may have lost three straight to Texas Tech, but A&M does hold the all time record against the Red Raiders of 34 wins, 31 losses and one tie.