Father's Day

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The Census Bureau has released a list a list of fun Father's Day facts. The bureau says half of all Father's Day cards will come from sons and daughters. The rest will be from wives, grandkids and such. The number-one gift on Father's Day is neckties. The necktie is to Father's Day what flowers are to Mother's Day.

The Census Bureau says tools and sporting goods are also high on the Father's Day gift list. There are an estimated 143,000 stay-at-home dads now.

Sunday we caught up with dads and their children to hear just what Father's Day means to them.

"She's (my daughter) made life special for me, so this is an exciting day really not to focus on me, but to realize that I got a special little girl," new dad David Mervish said.

"Just family, just to get to spend time with family," grandfather Robert Schmid said.

"Today we're going to go out to my dad's house and have some Bar-B-Que, listen to some music, have a real good time. He's been pretty nice to me, so I guess I'll pay him back by having a good Father's Day today," Rob Schields said.

"It was a time to get your dad a new tie or something, but now it's you think about that you’re that person that is going to get the tie now and you are a role model and stuff instead of looking up to people," a local dad said.

"I got to sleep late, they fixed me pancakes, and we watched "Finding Nemo" and then we came to the mall to do some shopping, so that's about it," Mervish said.