Homeowner Shoots Teens During Alleged Burglary Attempt

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Police say a Longview homeowner shot two teenagers, killing a 15-year-old, when he confronted them in his living room during an alleged burglary attempt.

The homeowner awoke yesterday morning to the sound of breaking glass in his home.

Police say he went into his living room with a gun where he saw several people, including one person who appeared to have a weapon.
The homeowner fired at the person.

Trenton Joseph Houghton, of Hallsville, was found in the woods behind the home with a gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at Longview Regional Medical Center.

A 14-year-old suspect was wounded in the shooting and was in fair condition yesterday. A third suspect, age 17, faces a charge of burglary of a habitation.

Police have not released the homeowner's name.

District Attorney Bill Jennings said the case was still under investigation and could proceed to a grand jury review.