Brazos School Administrators Resign

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Two Brazos School Administrators voluntarily stepped down Wednesday night. Dr. Robert Slater, the school's founder and superintendent resigned along with the board's president Thomas Reynolds.

Moving quickly, an interim superintendent was named along with a new president. But while the changes were well accepted, faculty still want to see more done.

Just minutes after announcing Robert Slater and Thomas Reynolds had resigned, faculty and vendors approached the board and newly appointed board president and board member Herlinda Rodriguez, asking why they're not getting paid.

"I'm sorry I've had to take a second job because of this," a Brazos School faculty member remarked.

For weeks, the teachers have dealt with pay checks that bounced.
The reason Rodriquez says is not because the nearly $300,000 the Texas Education Agency says the school misused, rather the lack of getting state and federal funding in on time.

"We have two sources of funding and one source will come in sooner than later but we're faced with some bureaucratic paperwork that we have to get done first," Rodriguez said.

It's only one of the problems that's plagued the charter school. The education agency's report showed Slater and Reynolds were overpaid more than a quarter million dollars over two years.

Other items passed Wednesday night, the appointment of former board member Katie Greenwood as interim superintendent, appointing region four as the school's accounting firm on a provisional basis, compiling all funds into one bank account, and requiring two signatures for checks above a certain amount.

Plus, the school will be keeping Slater and Reynolds available when needed.

"They do have a history, they do have knowledge about what's going on and so whenever we need to know what some of that history is will contact them," Rodriguez said.

Both Slater and Reynolds were unavailable for comment.

The school will start the search for a permanent superintendent in the fall.