U.M. ARMY Invades B/CS

It's not your typical camp in the woods and there's no arts and crafts.
It's hammer and nails, paint brushes and saws, and a mission to help others.

"It's a gift that we give them, we come out with the materials, the labor and everything and provide this service to them free of charge," said U.M. ARMY Camp Director, Paul Amos.

It's a community service camp called United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission by Youth, or U.M. ARMY.

"The students are volunteers, they've actually paid $175 so they can come do this for these people, and that's how we fund the camp. The students do the work,"
according to Amos.

There's forty U.M. ARMY camps across Texas going on this summer, a chance for students to help those who can't help themselves.

College Station resident, Ruthie Mae Smith received a wheelchair ramp, floors, siding and new paint thanks to a group from Kingwood United Methodist Church.

"I appreciate everything they've done for me and God bless them," said Smith.

First time camper, Ashley O'Brien's favorite part of the camp is seeing people like Ruthie Mae benefit from their hard work.

"It's real neat, you can tell she's real grateful," said a smiling O'Brien.

Despite working long hours in scorching temperatures, this army deems their mission a success.

"As Christians, we believe we're here to serve and this is an opportunity for us to do that," said Amos.