San Antonio Now US's 7th Biggest City

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SAN ANTONIO – Population estimates released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau show that San Antonio is now larger than San Diego – by 969 people – and has leapfrogged to seventh on the list of the 10 largest U.S. cities.

Status almost quo: That was the only change among the top 10, the figures show. The city's population of 1,256,509 leaves it far behind Houston, the fourth-largest city in the nation and home to 2,016,582. Dallas is in ninth place with 1,213,825 people.

Estimates only: Firmer figures won't be out until the 2010 census, considered a complete count of the U.S. population.

Metropolitan area rankings: San Antonio is way down the list at No. 29, with Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Diego all ahead.

Top 10 (based on population estimates for July 1, 2005):

1. New York, 8,143,197

2. Los Angeles, 3,844,829

3. Chicago, 2,842,518

4. Houston, 2,016,582

5. Philadelphia, 1,463,281

6. Phoenix, 1,461,575

7. San Antonio, 1,256,509

8. San Diego, 1,255,540

9. Dallas, 1,213,825

10. San Jose, Calif., 912,332

Other Texas cities: Austin, 16th at 690,252; Fort Worth at 19 with 624,067, and El Paso at 21 with 598,590.

Fastest growing: Fort Worth, Denton, Killeen and Grand Prairie are among the 25 fastest-growing cities with populations over 100,000.