Animal Shelter Board Announces Major Change

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An executive session of the Brazos Animal Shelter's board ended with a major announcement. The three current board members will be stepping aside, and 15 people will be stepping on board in the coming weeks.

After a little more than two hours behind closed doors and after consultations with a number of interested parties, County Judge Randy Sims and the two city managers have decided it's time for a change.

Sims, Bryan's Kean Register and College Station's Glenn Brown will be removing themselves from the board, but not before assisting in the installation of 15 new members.

Friday afternoon, they announced the shelter's operations committee will spend the next five days finding interested citizens willing to devote time to growing the shelter. Wednesday, a list will be presented to the current three-member board, who will then take the next month to decide on the new board's make-up.

The three government entities -- Bryan, College Station and the county -- will choose two members each. One of those two can be an employee of the city or county, meaning at most, three employees can make up the board. But at least 12 members of the new board will be citizens in the county.

"It does take time, and that's the important thing," said Sims of the workload a board member has. "We're looking for people willing ot give of their time to make this animal shelter a very, very good operation."

Animal shelter employees had been extremely vocal in the past few weeks, saying the current board's make-up was unorthodox and inappropriate for handing the needs of the shelter. But Judge Sims was quick to say that those public statements had no impact on the timing of today's decision, saying it's been in the works for upwards of two years.