"Railroad Killer" Has Just Hours to Live

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HOUSTON -- Lawyers for so-called "Railroad Killer" Angel Maturino Resendiz Monday asked the US Supreme Court to block his execution in Texas.

Resendiz faces lethal injection Tuesday in Huntsville over the 1998 fatal stabbing and bludgeoning of a Houston-area physician. The victim was Doctor Claudia Benton.

Authorities have linked Resendiz -- who's a native of Mexico -- to at least 15 US slayings, going back to a 1986 killing in San Antonio. Most of the attacks happened near railroad tracks.

Defense attorney Jack Zimmermann says Resendiz does not make a factual connection between his crime and his punishment.


-- The Houston-based consul general of Mexico has filed an appeal questioning the inmate's competency and challenging the lethal injection process.

-- The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles today rejected a request for a 180-day reprieve and refused to commute the inmate's sentence to life in prison.

-- Resendiz, who's declined to select a final meal, has rescinded an earlier decision to donate his body to science. Instead, Resendiz wants his mother to have custody of his remains.