Global Warming Planet Earth Has A Fever

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A report from the National Academy of Sciences shows that after having constant temperatures for 2,000 years there's new evidence that the Earth's temperature is on the rise.

You may have heard of the term global warming. Dr. Gerald North, a geosciences professor from Texas A&M, says that's what it means.

"The last 100 years have experienced rather uniform warming over the whole world of about 1 degree Fahrenheit," said Dr. Gerald North, Texas A&M University.

North chaired the committee that wrote the report and presented it to congress. He says the last three decades have been the warmest in history and the higher temperatures could have contributed to some of the Earth's extreme weather situations, like hurricanes.

"There's some theoretical evidence that if you warm those waters the intensity of hurricanes will increase and indeed it has," said North.

While the study didn't focus on the reasons for the warming North says it's possible human activity, like the increased burning of fossil fuels, has contributed to the problem.

"The greenhouse gasses are for the most part caused by human activity that is the burning of coal the burning of petroleum products," he said.

A panel of 12 climate experts compiled the report. But, there are still a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to the issue and more research is needed and North says funding sources are getting smaller.

"It's as though a lot of people don't want to know the answer and so there's been a retrenchment of funding," said North.

Funding he says is critical to the issue.