Train Hits 18-Wheeler, Driver Not Injured

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A man is out of the hospital after a train collided with the 18-wheeler he was driving. The Department of Public Safety says the accident happened around 7:30 Tuesday morning near FM 50 across from the post office. The driver tried to get across before the train approached, but did not have time.

It's a situation when DPS troopers prepare for the worst.

"It's worst case scenario just trying to prepare for what could possibly be wrong as far as injuries and hazardous materials things of that nature," Brian Kimbrough with the Department of Public Safety said.

When a train and vehicle collide the outlook does not look good.
But Tuesday morning, the driver of the overturned 18-wheeler got lucky.

"That was the main concern for the driver but he was walking around when I got here," Laura Rose with the Mumford Post Office said.

The driver saw the flashing lights and the train approaching when he decided to cross. DPS troopers say he was in a low gear when he saw the train getting closer.

"He tried to switch gears to get out of the way a little bit quicker and couldn't find the gear and stopped on the tracks," Kimbrough said.

The train crashed into the tanker throwing it onto it's side. The driver was able to get out and walk away from the accident.

"It worked out for the benefit of everyone no one got hurt really," Kimbrough said.

The driver was taken to St. Josephs for minor injuries and was released.