Jump Start to College

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Texas A&M University staff are helping high schoolers prepare for college. A program called " Jump Start to College " began Tuesday.

Sophomores attended seminars to help with everything from choosing the right college to money management. The four day session will also tell students and parents what to do in high school to get accepted into college.

" We have a parent orientation session and we help to open those communication lines between children and their parents in order to hopefully have successful high school students. Then we work with those that want to go on to higher education to have the tools they need," said Julie Shaddox, with Texas A&M's financial aid office.

This program will allow Brazos Valley rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors to learn about the importance of a college education. They will learn how to apply for financial aid and scholarships and will also learn budgeting and money management techniques, how to build a resume, how to choose the right career, how to write effective essays, the importance of maintaining class rank, GPA, selecting coursework and what to expect when they enter college.
The "Jump Start for College" series will be conducted by Texas A&M University staff, former students, community members, and business leaders.
This project has been funded for all 7 prospective student centers across the state by a grant underwritten by Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation.
The Series Schedule:
Sophomores June 27-30 at Cypress Grove Intermediate, Juniors July 11-14 at College Station Middle School, Seniors July 25-28 at A&M Consolidation.

All those interested, please contact: Julie Shaddox (979) 845-9610 Donna Hill (979) 845-0685