Wildlife Center Welcomes Triplet Fawns

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Texas A&M's Wildlife and Exotic Center has some new additions. Triplet fawns have become the main attraction.

Sandy, Debbie, and Gavi are the first set of triplets ever born at the Wildlife and Exotic Center at A&M's College of Veterinary Medicine.

Another thing that makes them unique is that their father, Dewey, is the first ever successfully white tail deer. At just a week old, the fawns have been taken away from the mother, Heidi, and are being cared for by Dr Alice Blue- McClendon and staff.

" They all looked healthy and it was really a surprise because one weighed 5.5 lbs, another weighed 5.5 lbs, and one weighed 3.75 lbs," said Dr. Blue-McClendon, Wildlife Center Director.

The triplets have adjusted well to the wildlife center's staff and they weren't shy around visitors either. They were ready for their close-ups when our cameras arrived. One thing that caught their attention was food.

" We fed them four times a day right now and they're all doing really well. They're taking to the bottle and they're all eating between 3 and 8 ounces every time we feed them," said Lisa Roberts-Helton, supervising technician with the Wildlife Center.

The fawns are expected to grow at a normal rate but their habitat is not like that of other deer.

" We keep their pen clean of bugs and things like that, make sure they're kept cool and we bring them water and we bring them forage so they have stuff to nibble on so they can get use to what they're suppose to eat," said Roberts-Helton.

Researchers want to study the inheritance of large antlers but they'll have to wait until one of the triplets has a male fawn. In the meantime the fawns will bask in the spotlight and enjoy being taken care of.